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“An accidental nap”.
You know when you’re laying on your couch at home reading a book or watching reality trash on tv? Maybe your head is against a nice pillow… there’s a blanket at hand…?

You didn’t get on the couch with sleeping intent, yet all of a sudden, snoozing simply feels like the right thing to do. And then you fall asleep for anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours?

Well my friend, you’ve just experienced a Napcident.
by Frankelstache November 13, 2009
An accidental nap, usually in the mid afternoon, often lasting into the early evening hours and usually resulting in disorientation upon waking.

After a napcident, one may be confused about what day and time it is as well as where they are located.
"I'm so sorry I'm late, I'm on my way now - I had a napcident!"
by sdevlina January 17, 2012
A portmanteau of "nap" and "accident." When one unintentionally falls asleep, often causing one to miss important engagements.
"I wanted to go to class today, but I had a napcident."

"I napcidentally missed my dentist appointment yesterday."
by Magnite April 05, 2010
an accidental nap that occurs when you really couldn't afford the time.
"Oh no! My clients are here already, I just sat down to do a little facebooking and review their file during my lunch break, but it appears I had a little napcident."
by hippiecrit September 23, 2011
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