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A Namnas is a greenish colored creature which is usually the seventh child in a family. He has one eye and long pointy ears. A Namnas is usually born wearing a tux and slippers. A Namnas can be very promiscuous and tends to fornicate with almost anyone he sees even though he has no genitals and has two bottoms (back and front). This damned creature is used a insult in these times due to his incredible weirdness and deformities.
Son of a Namnas!
by Cee10 March 14, 2012
Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, someones name...
I was nam naing down the street when all of a sudden a nam na jumped
from the corner! I yelled "nam na! you scared the nam na out of me!"
fucking nam na... and then I was tired as a nam na so I took a nap and
woke up nam na at 5.
by Weekend Warriors August 25, 2008
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