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The first straw hat pirate to be seen in the anime One Piece but third to join the crew she fights with a bad ass stick called the clima tact. She has orange hair and loves treasure and oranges. She is also the navigator for the straw hat pirates.

Nami: Don't you dare touch my orange groves

Nami: The forecast is rain, RAIN TEMPO!
by Onepiecefan August 20, 2009
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A sexy assassin, that is psycho at times
Whoa. Look at Nami go!
by Namika August 01, 2004
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A sexy Boi that all girls bow down for for his sexiness!
Woah You see Nami Over there I wish i could have him!!!
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My sexy, red-headed wife from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Nintendo GameCube. We have a son named Akira. He's so cute. Awww.....

Oh, and she has red hair and repeats the same thing every day. That's about it.....
"Oh, and the refridgerator needs restocking, Honey."
by KirbyKollector April 27, 2004
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Need Another Mexican Injection---used in the gay community by someone with a preference for mexican ass.
Well its 5 pm...NAMI
by underbelly July 22, 2008
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The nickname for a girl named Naomi, usually used by her friends and boyfriend. Nicknamed used because of mispronounced name at a loud event, and just sticked. Nammers could also be a substitute for this.
Friend: Hey Nami!
Naomi: Hey guys how are you?!
Friend: Great. So Nami, *keeps going*
by NamixxBills April 16, 2009
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A shortened version of the expression 'Na M8' which allows the user more fluency and expression when using it.
"I was like 'Nami', so he left me alone'
by Dhillonselva January 26, 2015
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