3 definitions by KirbyKollector

A n00b featured in a VG Cats comic. Also, there are many AIM Usernames like it.
Gulstaff_the_great: what u going to do?bleed on me lol
by KirbyKollector September 15, 2003
A food invented by Vash. Ingredients include: Amphetomines, Listerine, Windex, Toothepaste, Soap, More Windex, Paper, Some Copper Stuff With A Long Name, Gadifgergifger, Crack, Butt Crack, Pot, Soda Pot, Ass-Meats, and Sugar.
These Kookies are f***ing delicious. My Tummy hurts. Why are there fish in the sky?
by KirbyKollector September 14, 2003
My sexy, red-headed wife from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Nintendo GameCube. We have a son named Akira. He's so cute. Awww.....

Oh, and she has red hair and repeats the same thing every day. That's about it.....
"Oh, and the refridgerator needs restocking, Honey."
by KirbyKollector April 27, 2004

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