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When you want to confuse someone while saying alright
Ted: Hey John you wanna go get a beer?
John: Nalright man!
Ted: Soooo..... is that a yes?
John: Nalright
Ted:............ Fuck you John
by slop51 March 04, 2013
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Commonly used to confuse the person you are talking to. Conjunction of the words No and Alright creating a questionable look on the persons face. It can mean no, or it can mean alright, Nalright.
Girlfriend: Hey babe do you wanna get sushi tonight?
Boyfriend: Nalright
Girlfriend: Is that a no? or alright?
Boyfriend: It's Nalright babe.
by JJachel January 20, 2010
Agreeing to do something you really dont want to...
Holly: Can you help me with my biology revision?
Amy: Nalright..
by FlashGord May 03, 2009

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