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One who has many rocks
One who loves graphite
by T-HoodinMD February 06, 2009
a blend of the word "scally" and "nerd" in order to define a nerdy scally.

nallys are a low form people that think they're hard cuz they wear trackies that their mothers bought them and listen to eminem.

they are often found in internet forums lying about mugging old ladies, as though it's some kind of acheivement.

they boast a high population in the ICT department of Liverpool Community College.
nally: yeah, so i was hangin out with this bird last night, i think she's up for a shag

normal person: where were you hanging out?

nally: oh ya know, in this chat room. ive never actually met her but so what, she well wants my cock.
by capulet February 03, 2008
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