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Nakita is the hottest girl that ever walked this planet! Please, if I knew Nakita I would totally wanna date her! Nakita rocks my world!
I walked down the street and saw the goddess, Nakita!
by anonymous October 17, 2004
308 117
1.) Girl who is only pretty in the eyes of another.
2.) Bella Virgen(pronounced Ba-ja vur-jan)
Meaning Beautiful Virgin
For example:
Person 1 "Oh look at Nakita, She is so Beautiful"
Nakita "How could anyone think that? I'm so plain."
by Nakita Clark September 11, 2008
123 29
a girl who has big boobs and a ghetto ass and all guys find her secertly sexy.
daymm shes got big boobs and nice ass shes like nakita yarrow
by bobbby1909 April 08, 2011
56 22
A godlike female Drag Racer
The girls in 2 Fast 2 Furious are Nakitas
by J N June 06, 2003
93 62
A crazy bitch who tries to get herself pregnant by her boyfriend who has no idea. she needs professional help and needs to learn when to shut her nasty ass mouth up.
Ew did u see that nakita walk by?
by abbbbbbbb2222333344445555 June 17, 2010
24 119