If you live with other people and nobody is home then you have the oppourtunity to get naked and do everyday things, when/if caught you excuse is simply the 'naked rule'
Frankie: DUDE! Your rubbing your bare arse all over the sofa, wtf are you doing?
Rob: ehh, naked rule?
by holygodd! May 04, 2009
Top Definition
The rule that states you must disregard everything said when your partner-of-choice is naked.
Every time you are naked, do not believe anything I say. It will be called the naked rule.
by The Lowest Law October 27, 2007
After seeing someone that you like naked a friendship can no longer exist. This comes from when couples break up and ex's can no longer be your friends.

Once you have seen them naked, they can no longer be your friend...
You can't be friends with your ex, Naked Rule man!
by DaDreadedOne February 11, 2010

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