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Nahom is the Ethiopian version of Nahum, a Name from the Bible. It's confused with the book of mormen's Nahom but it's just a name quite popular in todays Ethiopia.
Hi Nahom, are u goin some where?
Ya, I was just goin home
by Real N January 10, 2010

A person who posts or comments on Facebook without realizing what he wrote or without realizing the context or meanings of his words.
Boy: Beat my teacher in a game of chess.

Nahom: You only did it cause your teacher became 4 inches shorter

Boy: WTF

Nahom: He=Teacher

Boy: ???

Nahom: Went to the school dance, #chilvaryrules

Boy: Do you even know what *chivalry means?
by 543213432 December 12, 2012

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