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Craaazzy Loaft
Damn, Nadine is a craazzy loaft
by Lazy20 July 22, 2013
32 31
The most beautiful, amazing and intellectually inclined girl in the world. Brings hope to others that want her, because that's what her name means in French. Is extremely hot, and good at anything she does
Nadine, oh my god.
by lezgirrll June 22, 2009
2005 399
The meaning of the name Nadine is Hope

The origin of the name Nadine is French

Diminutive form of Nadia
Nadine is the synonym of hope
by Rhiandria May 05, 2008
859 275
The Most Beautiful thing in the whole world ! , God Was Amased That he made a girl so beautiful
:) Nadine Is The Leader Of The Beautiful Club
by Train Hart September 03, 2008
779 281
It is of an French orgin. Means hope. Goddess of her time. Beautiful and unique. Passionate, loving, captivating, vigorous, sympathetic, and intense.
I Nadine this promotion will come along.

Nadine is all you to be successful.
by Lisa Bick April 19, 2009
580 227
Someone that is "explored" in the under world and is experienced.
"Listen if you wanna know what to do , go ask Nadine."
by Taylor Vagina October 27, 2008
232 346
A, young, overweight woman who likes to take it in the ass while wearing odd suits
Wow, Lady Gaga better watch her figure or she'll be a Nadine!!
by Freeeeeeeed June 18, 2010
149 526