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to be Sexy beyond all belief,
to be the real Hot shit,
always smiling and never sad,
Woah.Nace.Sexy.Awesome.Great.Nuff said.
by tcIoeldaovlaeont May 06, 2011
To have sex with maliciously; to engage in intercourse purely out of spite and malintent for one's partner.
Yo shaniqua been gettin out of line, I need to nace that bitch and teach her a lesson.
by DAJ Moss May 22, 2007
aka nice, used moderately , the ultimate prop..

usually followed by a short dance
i am fucken naaaaacer than words

chiefin is n-a-c-e nace kid
by too nace to tell April 03, 2006
a word used to describe the fact that a particular female is unattractive. particukarky used when describing a girl that others find attractive or whom appeared attractive from afar, or at first glance.
joe: "I want to hook up with cindy! she's so hot."

bill: "what you taalking about?! that girl is NACE!."
by Anonymous September 22, 2003