abbreviation of vagina
"chuck some na on that nis" - something about sex.
by scoophead November 29, 2009
An asian last name that is despised by every single ethnic group in the world.

If you have this last name, you should either:
a) run around screaming in public saying "SHOOT MEE SHOOT MEE!" and hope someone puts you out of your misery

b) throw youself into a boiling pot of cooking oil so that street dogs can feast on your meat..cause you know dogs have to eat to :D

c) suicide. it'll do better for the world.

Na, the most hated last name/name/word in the english language.

If you ever meet a person with this last name, run far, far, away, as FAST as you can.

Or else, you will contract a disease called "NAringitus"

If you do contract this disease, either find another person to give it to, or kill yourself. Or else you to will turn into a Na.

Which isn't very pretty.
Person 2: It's a Na.

"I can't it a pile of shit? or a Na?
by NaNaNaNaNa1234 March 31, 2009
mmmmmmm Na. Na is a word tht you use to taunt people. mmmmmmmmm Na.
mmmmmm Na can be used in such answers from the questions Are you my friend. mmmmmmm Na. U cryin . Did i get you.
by Na April 21, 2005
niggas aginst society.
man im a beast now i dont belive in that bull shit im will listen to my heart society beacause they didnt do shit for me so why should i do it for them it isnt my fault that theses chump out niggas are like that im a beast in my own mind i am a N.A.S
by christopher springfield September 08, 2006
when a white girl named chelsea has an ass that looks like a black persons butt.

stands for niger ass
Brandon: damn Cesar! look at chelsea's fine NA!
by jenny July 13, 2004

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