A verbal expression meaning "No" with a hint of "do you think I'm fuckin' stupid". This word is usually used abruptly by a person.
"NA! I don't get down like dat, yo!"
by Krista Snyder June 21, 2005
to say no in a mean way
by geoff March 09, 2003
When lifting up a middle finger, Hong Kong Cantonese tends to utter the word 'Na' or 'Naa' together. Its origin is unknown, but doing middle-finger without saying "Na" is like a woman turning pale.
1. Naa!! (with middle-finger)
by Yau February 02, 2005
N.A (said 'N-A') stands for not acceptable. It is mainly used as an interjection or adjective to describe things that are not socially acceptable, or actions that are weird, bizarre, or simply inappropriate in a give situation.

That guy just smacked my ass. N.A!

Ugh. Look as those two making out during class. N.A!

It is so NA for you to wear that outfit tonight.
by K,K&S April 29, 2007
Abbreviated form of canned tuna. Word commonly used in hasty situations when there is insufficient time to say the entire word, "tuna".
Damn it Randy! You burned the goonch! Gimme some 'na, and mind the mloop!
by Hunding July 12, 2011
Naturally aspirated, reffering to cars that draw air directly into the cylinders rather than using compressed air from a turbocharger.
Gotta love that naturally aspirated Civic.
by thaabomb May 12, 2005
The term used quite relatively to shut someone the F**K up, it works for any situation shutting the other person up completely.
''You're a dick head!'' !''NA''!
by sevenracoon March 30, 2010

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