Top Definition
one of the sickest rappers
"did u hear that cormega song?"
"yea it was blazinnnn hot!"
by shady KiDD April 05, 2003
A thug with real talk and who's respected in the street's of Queens. The True Meaning of Realness.
Word on the street is a four four can't stop mega.
by DutchMaster March 19, 2005
Greatest rapper ever
ni99as ask why i write so violent
my brain transformed in a dorm in rikers island
by Phillip December 01, 2003
the only rapper to ever give one of the greatest of all times, nas, a hard time in their beef. one of the most underrated emcees ever, came out of queensborough
cormega gave nas a hard time, unlike gay-z, fifty "candyass" cent, lil "assclown" weeyzy, etc
by immynimmy April 06, 2008
a rapper I only give credit to for one song: 'Get Out My Way'
How dare Cor try Nas, hah!!!!
by *Wonderboy Marvel* September 06, 2003
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