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Nemesis clan leader in the RTS game Total Annihilation. He is also known as the n1 hunter. Eyedoll is also known to be the number one bugger of N_Nightshade.
N_Eyedoll: NS get a life, TA is not for you.
N_NightSchade: stfu doll, u sucks.
N_Eyedoll: NOO, u suckss!!!
N_NightSchade: i remmember when you started N, u sucked.
N_Eyedoll: yea, but now i own u.
N_NightSchade: you even lose with n1_Snoop as ally.
N_Eyedoll: he doesnt adapt to my style.
N_Eyedoll: anyways, as N leader please stfu.
by N_Eyedoll July 13, 2006
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