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New Zealand Security Intelligence Service. The job of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service is to gather intelligence related to New Zealand's security by any means necessary, assess its significance, and give advice to the Government.

Their methods of intelligence gathering include, but are not limited to:
Harm to friends or strangers, threatened, or carried out, and blamed on the victim
Being forced to witness atrocities, perhaps against family or persons with whom the victim identifies
Being forced to commit atrocities, perhaps against family, friends or allies
Forced witnessing of or participation in sexual activity
Being forced to watch acts of sexual abuse
Covert (non-contact) or other forced incest
Shaming and public humiliation, being stripped or displayed naked, public condemnation
Being dirty, self-fouled, urinated on, or covered with fecal matter
Headshaving (especially women)
Racial, sexual, religious or other verbal abuse against any characteristic of the victim
Being tricked into lying, or statements conflicting with past statements during interrogation.
Being forced to renounce or betray political, national, other strong affiliations or loyalties
Being coerced into denying one’s religion or morals, blasphemy, or religious degradation
Conditions of detention
Being subjected to nonstop interrogation for long periods
Shouting and taunting
Mock execution and horrific experiences
Starvation, cold and damp
Extended solitary confinement
Partial or total sensory deprivation
Continual or unpredictable noise
Alterations to room temperature
Cramping, confinement, ball and chain, shackling
Being held incommunicado
Being kept in confined spaces
Extended sleep deprivation
Being forced to sleep on hard surfaces
Exploitation of phobias, e.g. leaving arachnophobes in a room full of spiders
Forced labor, other coercion into excessive physical activity
Person 1: "The NZSIS just kidnapped my family"
Person 2: "Shh, don't tell me or they might come get me too"
by Exlite December 26, 2006

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