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Not worthy of Facebook status.

Commonly used when somebody posts a bullshit status on Facebook.
Facebook user #1: "I just made toast!"
Facebook user #2: "NWFS"
by Sasquatch33 April 25, 2014
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No Wuckin' Forries, slang for "no fucking worries"
In a chat message: “u mind?” “NWF”; see also "no wuckers"
by Anna Waldon June 04, 2007
"Nekkid with Food" --a good idea to spice up love life.
Just show up NWF and he'll love you like crazy 'cause men are hard-wired to respond positively to those 2 things together.
by angeet March 08, 2007
No Way Fam
..den he sed show me the brownin !
i was like nwf :o
by ~Zed~ June 01, 2009

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