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A slang term which originally started with "no worries". People would often say "no fuckin' worries" to enhance the original phrase. Then, in a strange way, there was a period of time (probably back in the 80's) when folk would transpose the first letters of certain words. "No fuckin' worries" became "no wuckin' forries". The fourth phase of this odd phrase progression resulted in "no wuckers". It's a combination of laziness and playing with words, and a great example of the progressive nature of colloquial speech.

Either way, it means "there will be no problems at all". It is often suffixed by "mate".
John: "Thanks for the lend of the lawnmower, mate."
Dave: "No wuckers, mate."
by Ponsonby April 14, 2005
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its a combination of no worries and fucker(s)
"Jess can you hand me that wrench?"
"No wuckers yo"
by Prido February 10, 2005
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