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The sac where your nuts are housed, also known in aussie as chickenskin
oh no i cought my nutsac in my zipper
im goin to get my nutsac waxed
by Boberdybobobjeff January 18, 2004
a sac to hold your nuts in can also be used to hold beans or maybe rice or sometimes marbles or maybe those hot wheel fucking things you played with when you were a kid , when you weren't playing with yourself that is
are those beans in your nutsac
by Dave February 01, 2005
the stage name of the famous urban poet Arvinium, know for his ground-breaking lyrics and signature pearl necklaces
yo, you going to see nutsac at the club tonight?
by rabinowitz platinumstein July 31, 2004
1. A scrodum
2. A bag of nuts, usually almonds or macadamias
3. An event or situation that just makes you say "WTF?!"
1. chew on my nutsac.
2. I enjoy a nutsac at the ballpark
3. WTF?! You sure know how to pull a nutsac, nutzak.
by Zak March 28, 2003
A Crazed-out sac, possibly the scrotum, NOT scroDum!
To throw nuts at a sac => wating your time doing an idiotic thing.
There was this nut sac, who went in the center of the dance floor and started having fun, until... Squish!! Ouch...

A: I'm gonna try to persuade Mr. Bush to pull out troops from Iraq.
B: You might as well nut sac, it's useless.
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix December 24, 2003
A fucking idiot. See idiot, fucktard
John Kerry was and will always be a nut sac for his betrayal of the United States during the Vietnam War.
by milf_hunter666 November 03, 2005
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