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one who is exceedingly goood at art and yet is extremely modest.
Some say Van Gogh was a Jenihat of the arts.
by Gookdorf October 27, 2008
One who pwns massively at online gaming.
Arnold is a gookdorf at Dragon Wars
by Gookdorf October 26, 2008
To sweat profusely, to a point that is unattractive.
Yo bro I was rockin some b-ball and i started beading nutsac!!! Yea dude i started beading some FIERCE nutsac too
by Gookdorf October 12, 2008
To shovel food or "munch" into someone's face as they sleep.
While Andrew was sleeping we hit him with some mad gorilla munch.
by Gookdorf October 12, 2008
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