This acronym stands for the phrase "No teeth please" inspired by those who were dissapointed after losing the corn off their cob. One should always say "NTP" right before he receives dome, saftey first!
Hey bro, last night me and mike were having a wicked time just playing uno, chillen ya know. He popped in a dave mathews cd and that's when everything got wierd. He unzippered my pants and right away i shouted "NTP BRO!!!"
by cristiano7 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Short for "Need to Pee". Used mostly in instant messaging.
When you need to pee really bad, it's generally good if it doesn't take that long saying it.
Charlie: What did you think about the party last night?
Mike: NTP. Brb
*minute goes by*
Mike: Bib. Party was great!
by JessHa September 15, 2007
NTP: Non-Team Player. Someone who is selfish, inconsiderate, and refuses to take one for the team.
"Wow that fucking NTP went to pick strawberries instead of playing d&d with us"
by Jeff Hainsworth September 27, 2005
Not the point.
Why are you buying basketball shoes, you don't even play!
NTP, I think they look pretty cool.

Charles: Dude, Andrew totally hit that last night.
Andrew: Nah, NTP, did you see the other chick he took home?! Bangin!!
by reeeeeeca April 22, 2013
Non Threatening Penis
A straight male friend who will not try to sleep with a female friend.
He is like a brother, exhibiting completely non-sexual behaviour. He's not necessarily a "nice guy", but just a great friend that has nothing to do with sex.

NTP is the male version of the "fag hag", except both parties are straight.
Kayla and her NTP, Derrick, go to the strip club all the time. Every girl should have at least one NTP in her contact list.
by fabbrunette November 10, 2011
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