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NSWs. (Night Shift Workers)
"NSWs(Night Shift Workers)" are healthy looking Middle-eastern men spending every day in coffee lounges smoking and lustfully watching women passing by. They leave their pregnant wives at home with their five kids. They must be night shift workers if they have so much free time during the day. They could also be disabled pensioners as many Middle-eastern persons are disabled and have disabled permits displayed on their vehicles.
by Hodolee February 10, 2009
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Non sexual way
Man: oh yeah, i was really wet!!! .....NSW
by Satan with a Perm May 04, 2010
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Abrv for New South Wales.

An eastern Australian state between Queensland and Victoria.

The most populace state (6.6million (2001)), with the countries largest city, Sydney, having a population of 4.15million (2001).
NSW gonna kick QLD's arse in the origin!!
by dimzi February 14, 2005
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New South Wales.
The best of all the Australian states.
"New South Wales beat Queensland in the origin last year."
by diego August 16, 2003
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new south wales. its a state in Australia
nsw is the state that sydneys in.
by i don't know who i am!! April 13, 2007
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Nigga Say What????
Man, shut the hell up! (response) NSW?!??!
by Princess0510 March 01, 2010
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Stands for New South Wales, which is Australia's most populous state (with 6.8 million people, 8.45/km²) and third most densely populated state/territory after the ACT (137.87/km²) and Victoria (22.08/km²).

NSW contains 3 largest cities -- Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong -- which some think is what 'NSW' stands for.

Sydney suffers from a term known as 'Los Angelization', an urban sprawl of 4.4 million people from mixed backgrounds who often fight each other in their originating countries.

New South Wales also contains other provincial coastal cities such as Newcastle (north of Sydney) and Wollongong (south of Sydney), which have 500,000 and 275,000 people, respectively. Also, NSW is the only state where you'll find the nation's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, at 2,228m high.

Most of NSW is located in the UTC+10 timezone (EST), and UTC+11 (EDST) during the daylight saving months. A notable exception is the western NSW town of Broken Hill which associates itself as part of South Australia due to it's proximity to Adelaide, therefor it is constantly in the timezone 30 minutes behind the rest of the state.

The state motto is "Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites" which translates to Newly "Risen, How Brightly You Shine" and NSW is also nicknamed the Premier State and also the First State.
NSW shits over the rest of the country, probably because it is the center of the universe.
by cwhast November 18, 2006
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A state in Australia. Stands for Never Seen Worse. Some parts like the far south coast are alright, but it's capital, Sydney, doesn't have it's own identity and tries to be like USA which it will never do. Usually has the last cricket test of the season in australia, because they want to be the finale, but everyone knows they run second-fiddle to the boxing day test in melbourne. They also try to take all the sporting events on the calendar, like the Cricket world cup final which has to go to the MCG, and the Brownlow medal count for B&F in AFL, which is a sport they apparently don't like. The sport they do like is rugby league, and they are not even any good at it, Queensland had beaten them 8 times in a row in the state of origin games, I know that and I am an AFL person.
Some Random: I'm going to NSW
Me: Really?
Some Random: Yes
Me: Don't
Some Random: Why?
Me: Cause it's shit, 'nuff said
Some Random: OK
by BMX Hazza January 19, 2014
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