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Neighbourhood School Kid. Commonly found in lanshops, void decks, places where low intellect people hang out and N-level examinations around Singapore. Commonly associated with Ah bengs and stupid people who mistaken poor english and hokkien as being cool. Most NSKs end up having a low salary job.
Fuck i cannot tank that Commonwealth NSK , act so big and all . .
by lawlnsks August 19, 2010
North Shore Kings
Did you see that NSK bomb on the wall? North Shore Kings run this shit.

Krane and Truk were finishing the NSK piece when the pigs came and busted them.
by Glyphtiks May 14, 2012
to own at counter-strike while being pissed off.
Oh Shit! nsk just owned your fucking face
by Rob Houston January 25, 2004
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