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Town in California approximately 50 miles from Los Angeles. Formerly known as the home of a mental hospital which is now a California State University campus. Quiet and safe, and excitement is a short drive away.
Hey, you're from Camarillo? What are you, a looney?
by jseale1978 October 28, 2003
A small city north of Los Angeles County. Despite the large population of teenagers, there's no not that much to do. However, Camarillo is mostly home to geriatrics and young families, which is probably the cause of my previous statement. If anyone from Camarillo tries to act like they came from the ghetto, disregard them; Camarillo is the safest place in Ventura County.
Hey, let's get the fuck out of Camarillo.
by awwwwwwww yeah January 29, 2011