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This doesnt mean anything other than NEWPORT, RI.
These initials are what makes Newporters feel like they're reppin some type of hood. Hate it our love it, It's how we roll.
"Straight Outta NPT" or "NPT Reppin."
by Donlyone October 30, 2006
No Pants Time
"Can you grab the Mail outside? It's NPT and it's usually frowned upon in society."
by Crazyeights November 09, 2014
Stands for normal party time. Refering to the time college students go out to all the fat ragers of the night.
Student #1 "What time should I come to your party?"
Student #2 "Just come at NPT"
by Thdutchboy March 01, 2012
National Pipe Thread... Stands for the fitting size of hose, pipes, etc....
Just drill and tap a 1/8npt and screw in a gauge.
by -ptle June 15, 2005
Niggers pulling triggers
(actually a group of pre-pubescent suburban white and middle eastern teenagers.) Who will cap yo' ass if u be steppin.
Dont mess wit da NPT, dey fuk yo' ass up.
by Andy S, Shawn Z, Doug H, Mike B February 09, 2005
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