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No Pussy Shit
Greg: yo let's play some football

Tim: ok no tackling though

Greg: what the hell, NPS bro
#bitch #pussy #wimp #fag #soft
by Jay Weezyy June 26, 2010
1. No Problems

Used to inform someone that it was no hassle/problem.
John: tyvm
Betty: nps
#no problem #no issue #plain sailing #nsp #np
by strider3028 August 27, 2007
Non-Penetrative Sex; sexual activity which does not include sexual penetration, such as: kissing, cuddling, spooning, humping, frottage and mutual masturbation.
MWM seeks MWF for NPS.
#kissing #cuddling #spooning #masturbation #mutual masturbation
by Tooth Loose LaTrek May 19, 2013
No pussy shit
Susan didn't want to jump into the lake but her friends just kept saying nps till eventually she jumped bc she didn't want to be a chicken
#chicken #scared #afraid #pussy #shit
by Nps December 04, 2013
Non-Possessional Snobbery, expressing negativity regarding an object currently considered nouveau chic or current nerdity without having actually purchased or viewed the object.
Jack: hey dude, have you seen this movie?
John: No, it sucks.
Jill: Sounds like NPS
#sour groups #hipster #conspicuous frugality #aspirational minimalist #pretentions of glandeur
by Jerk Dently May 30, 2015
Stands for Nude Pic's or Naked Pic's. A picture of sexual orientation. Mostly of the boobs or vagina area. Booty may be included.
Person 1: Yo NP'S?

Person 2: No You Pervert

Person 1: :(
#naked #boobs #vagina #picture #tits
by Amilni May 29, 2010
1)niddie protection system
2)a system on a surf board to keep a person from getting nipple rash.
Peter locks in his nps on his way out to the line-up
by Downtiggidy August 07, 2003
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