Although a good source for news, their monotone voices and blah program texture make BBC correspondents sound like Barry White by comparison
awww yeahhh Radio 4.....
by remmy April 30, 2004
After bowel movement at time of wiping: no marks left on toilet tissue. Acronym for "No Paper Required".
"Beautiful!. It's always the same after a few pints of stout: comes out like it's in a bag, tapered at both ends, silky, smooth and NPR."

by Piemanius May 20, 2008
National Peoplesrepublic Radio. Taxpayer- and corporate-funded radio network which leans almost as far to the left as Amy Goodwin. Regular commentators have included the late Michael Harrington, founder of Democratic Socialists of America.
"I watched the Brit Hume show on Fox News last night, and two of the panelists were from NPR. But everyone says Fox is biased to the right!"

"It is. If Fox really wanted to be fair, all of their panelists would be from NPR."
by Gahmuret July 09, 2006
NPR= National Propaganda Radio.
The left wing newsradio for sheep.
Today on NPR I learned that we really need to be accepting to those what want us enilated.
by LongIs October 04, 2004
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