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One of the few truly independent news outlets in the USA. Arrogant right wing opinion mongers hate their balanced approach as there is no "agenda" to appease.
Rush: Where'd you get that in-depth understanding of a complicated issue?

Me: I heard it debated on NPR. Honorable people on both sides of the issue disagree.

Rush: Bah! They're all liberal degenerates.

Me: No, they're just free from conservative bias.
by modnar June 04, 2004
The Omarosa of the Bush-league republican administration.
That bitch will lie right to your face.
by MODNAR April 09, 2004
Jacksonville's home to crack whores and hustlers.
Dwayne: Hey I got $10, I think I'll get a BJ on Philips Hwy.

Me: Better hope your knob doesn't fall off...Don't even think a rubber would help (not that they use em).
by MODNAR April 15, 2004
The VW Cabriolet is the quintessential chick car. Sorority license plate holder is optional but highly recomended.
Pete: Cabriolet with NY plates.
Ben: Betcha two to one she's from Long Island.
Pete: I'm not taking that bet.
by MODNAR May 09, 2004
Street cop shorthand for a death warrant during the apprehension of a monster. Acronym for Shoot On Sight Shoot To Kill.
Officer 1: He killed two cops and raped one daughter while her dad bled out on the floor.

Officer 2: We'll find him. Then he'll get a fair, impartial trial.

Officer 1: SOSSTK

Officer 2: Like I said.
by Modnar March 11, 2005
A padded pair of drawers/skiveys worn by insecure men with flat ass syndrome.
We all knew that Kenny was wearing a butt buddy. What's he gonna do if he picks up a number?
by MODNAR April 12, 2004
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