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Anything that is contrary to Barack Hussein Obama.
I am sooo NObama when it comes to turning healthcare over to County Hospital!
by Chitown winner January 20, 2010
A word stating that obama should not be and will not be the next president of the united states
(ie There will be NoBama for me, yo!)
by HILLARYISTHEBEST March 20, 2008
1)an anti-obama slogan, often found on bumper stickers in republican states.

2)in general, a good philosophy by which one should live his/her life

The bumper sticker on Ted Nugent's pickup truck says Nobama '08.
by alex2634598726 April 01, 2008
to be intentionally overdramatic in an action that doesn't accomplish anything except drama. This word is named after Barack Obama, who is much less nobama than most political figures.
Russia trying to flex its muscle by sending warships to Cuba is very nobama. Hello??? The Cold War is over and nobody's intimidated by the Russian military anymore!
by Chrisarah December 26, 2008
no obama equals nobama. A word used to state that you don't want obama as president.
on my friend myspace headline it said nobama '08.
by amaii August 30, 2008
From the Swahili word meaning "one who lies and deceives," (a) To vehemently oppose or object to; (b) An extreme rejection or dispproval.
"Hey, Rashid, man I'se horny. Can I takes your moms upstairs and give her a good banging?"

"NOBAMA! you Mutherfukka!"
by WYNDBRAKER November 06, 2008
Being derived from the name Obama:

This term is used to departmentalize politicians into the category of those who want to be in politics but really haven't the know how or intelligence to make anything happen.
The guy gave a hell of a speech, and looked damn good in a suit, but he got sent home after his first term for being such a Nobama.
by Turdis Brown November 03, 2009
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