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Short for "Not Over The Internet"
Your friend's dumb message:
Why the cops after your homie?

You: NOTI fool!
by ROyouKNOW February 22, 2010
A "noti" is an abbreviated term for "notification", which is an alert you get when people comment on your stuff on the website "".
I had twenty noti's when I logged into Facebook!
by Martha May Who January 05, 2011
now way not me
1st guy: dude your a total homo
2nd guy: uh uh Not I
by sacking916bizznizzfizzlestix December 07, 2008
haha! noti is himself. he rocks; he rules, but clay is cuter!!
by CC&Train September 24, 2003
Naked On The Internet - something that girls with low self esteem do to get attention from pseudo-friends and strangers on Instagram, Snapchat, etc
My bm just posted hella naked pictures of herself on IG...

Yeah, she a NOTI now.
by dangerdang May 06, 2015
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