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A word usually substituted for "masturbate" that uses a more proper and more acceptable version, as derived from "Meet the Fockers. May also be used as a noun to label that boozigas frequently
Billy: yo, andrew im so bored.
Andrew: Why don't you go booziga then

James: yo devon, can i kidnap you?
Devon: Are you crazy, your such a jay oh bee (see jay oh bee)
James: Fine, i knew you'd be a booziga
by Conorra July 13, 2005
Not to be confused with the abbreviated form of nitrous oxide, this noun/adjective, is used to convey the message that something is "nice" when its really kind of dumb, accentuating the word nice in order to put down an individual
Depending upon the situation one may also say nos in a positive way
Billy: Hey, do you guys want to come to see the backstreet boys live for my birthday
Sam: Billy, YOU'RE NOS

Chris: Dude, i just had the best sluuushie ever!
Conor: Nos
by Conorra July 13, 2005
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