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The master of irony who uses spam threads to ban spammers.
Message 6194598 in the Power On forums :P
by You will never know... December 28, 2004
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The pickle who rocks. Bow down to your pickle overlord.
BOB: NOA_Shaun rocks

NOA_SHAUN: It's because I'm a pickle. B)
by Rath Illuser September 10, 2004
The person who works at nitendo, who rules not only their forums, but all vinegar- cucumbered treats!
NOA_SHAUN banned a chiled while eating pickles.
by D-Dogg Kidd December 28, 2004
The pickle who rules the forums. He is unstoppable. And sexy.
NOA_SHAUN is teh roxxors.
by The All-Knower December 27, 2004

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