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Nazi Low Riders. A nazi skinhead gang that originated in prison, but is presently making it's way into the streets.
He's been down with the NLR ever since AB got locked.
by TFS December 21, 2005
New Lunar Republic. The New Lunar Republic is a part of the brony community who believe that Princess Luna should rule Equestria instead of Princess Celestia.
Person 1: "Dude, I'm a brony!"
Person 2: "NLR or CE?"
Person 1: "NLR all the way!"
by Iheartanyonebutyou August 06, 2012
"New Life Rule" meaning that when ever a player in DarkRP or other role playing games, is killed you must wait after they spawn to kill them
Civil Protection: U broke NLR noob
by BoneChurch August 05, 2010
a bunch of ruthless people that should not be messed with
bob: wanna go down to the nightowl?

fred: no way dude

bob: why not?

fred: NLR is there

bob: stuff this im staying in tonight
by JJF10 October 28, 2010

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