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Nancy Kerrigan Beater

another way to refer to telescopic or telescoping steel baton (the kind used by law enforcement, usually black in color with a rubberized handle)

the same type Tonya Harding's accomplices used to beat Nancy Kerrigan in the running up to the 1994 Winter Olympics
If he won't shut up whack him with the NKB...
by YerMomBitch September 05, 2012
nkb is short 4 naughty kinky bitch
hey hey, shes a nkb, wanna play with her
by lick n fuck October 15, 2005
slang term for loser that spams over 100 posts a day to advertise for a shitty local band whom no one truly enjoys. Named in honor of Utica, New York-based Nancy Kenyon Band.
Abe: Hey, I just posted a bunch of links to our band on Topix.
Ken: Careful with that, we don't want to appear to be an NKB.
by nkb eats shit June 20, 2010
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