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Short for Non-Judicial Punishment (military)

Nonjudicial punishment permits commanders to administratively discipline troops without a court-martial. The receipt of nonjudicial punishment does not constitute a criminal conviction, but is placed on the service record.
Ah man, I almost got NJP'd today
#military #acronym #nonjudicial #punishment #enjaypee
by tbrooks September 29, 2009
An abbreviation used by Marines stationed at Camp Geiger, Camp Lejeune, or New River Air Station, meaning Nasty Jacksonville Pussy. the local variety of strange that grunts and pogues alike find themselves banging for 2-48 Months
Did you hear? Staff Sergent caught the clap while getting NJP
#pussy #vagina #pogues #roast-beef-pussy #ninja punch #njped
by Terminal lance June 14, 2010
Short for Nigger Jet Pilot. Afterall, how many black pilots are there?
Dave - I banged two fine ass hos at the same time last night.

Gary - If you banged two fine ass hos last night I'm an NJP.
#nigger #jet #pilot #black #aircraft
by tnymntana June 06, 2007
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