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aka New Jersey Dental School. Prides itself in being one of the toughest public dental schools to get accepted and to graduate..but in all reality its just politics, politics, and politics. NJDS has tried to piece its reputation together following the cheating scandalS and since then has beaten the code of conducts and ethics in our brains for years. Preclinic is hooked up with state of the art "heads on sticks" literally just a head on a stick that is inserted in a little hole on the side of your NON-working unit. The xray machine aka the infertility machine aka as the epitome of a public school, is just a wooden box with an xray tube inside of it. Clinic however is awesome, that is if you are on the Pavillion side of the building.
Me: I go to NJDS
You: Thats unfortunate....
Me: At least its better than NYUCD
You: Thats true!
having a rage nazi fit in which you ban a whole irc channel or kill everyone in the surrounding premises using means of Grand Theft Auto devices such as cars, rocket launchers, m4a1 colts and AK Rifles. Also known to barrack for the New Jersey Devils.
Necron went all NJD on me
by Vlad :) October 16, 2003
Neurotic Jew Disorder
Man, your mom's got the hot flashes with that shit. What, she's got the NJD?
by wifey March 27, 2005
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