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Someone who loves, gives and lives. Someone who makes everyone smile. Someone who is alive and makes things around him come alive. I love him
Loves, gives and lives
by Wifey September 08, 2004
Originates from the far reaches of East Europe, around the vicinity of Chernobyl. Refers to a Russian male with 4 penises and a farmer's tan.
Whoa! I just popped a White Alan!
by Wifey August 29, 2004
trying to remove only 1 cup from a vertical dispenser, but resulting in the removal of multiple "dixie" cups - extra cups are then stuffed back into the dispenser from the same point of exit.
Man, I was at the water cooler trying to get a cup, but I had to engage in recupupulation.
by Wifey March 25, 2005
a word generally associated with someone who has big frizzy hair that attracts all sorts of animals.
"Oh eww have you checked out that girls beehive,its huuuuge"
by wifey April 02, 2005
Group of former high school buddies in Monmouth County, NJ that hung together, made a posse name, went to prom together, and think they are much cooler that they actually are. Most attended Monmouth County Regional.
Hey Scott AKA Scooter! What are you and the rest of the Playboyz doing tonight?
by wifey March 25, 2005
Monmouth County, NJ group of high school boys that think they are cool, but really, it is lame to have a posse name.
Hi, I'm Tobey, and I'm apart of white boys in effect.
by wifey March 25, 2005
Neurotic Jew Disorder
Man, your mom's got the hot flashes with that shit. What, she's got the NJD?
by wifey March 27, 2005

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