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Short for New Jersey.
Let's go to NJ!
Yeah,let's go watch Senses Fail
by bandanasarerad November 18, 2006
Abbreviation for no joke.
Nj (no joke), that was the best pudding every.
by Sits the Photographer November 03, 2008
an Nj is a nose job. This can also be referred to as a rhinoplasty.
Haley went to go get an NJ the other day because she wanted a new Nose!
by da nj June 12, 2009
used to shorten nice job

NJ = Nice job
wow billy did a NJ painting the house
by still_l3allin October 30, 2004
No Job. When you strike out on the BJ (Blow Job) and HJ (Hand Job)
I was easily gonna get a BJ but I got way too baked, got the spins and got the NJ.
by k3N70n September 11, 2006
Nj means Nigga Juice or liqiur

think gin and juice / rum and coke

Jamal what u drinkin.
Jamal: Nj
by kow_heman March 07, 2005
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