An all round lame and wimpy person. Synonymous to nerd, geek, and dweeb.
Dude Sandrine can't even open a jar of pickles, what a freaking nimby.
#nerd #geek #dweeb #lame-o #wimp
by Dr. H. Lector November 28, 2011
Not If My Bitch Yells
John: "Hey man you going downtown tonight?"
Caleb: "Man NIMBY."
John: "Yea don't want to make the girl mad!"
#nimby #bitch #yells #drink #party
by Jack Carrer July 04, 2011
A person who whines and pisses about the noise coming from a local airport or racetrack. Most of these people should have known better ......
I moved next to Los Angeles International Airport in 1994, and the noise is incredible! I'm going to set up an action group. We will then complain to the local authorities and FORCE the airlines to spend MILLIONS just to keep the noise down.

(I should have used my BRAIN before purchasing a house under the flightpath! The local racetrack was here BEFORE I WAS BORN, and in actual fact has EVERY RIGHT to make noise. For some reason I didn't wonder why the house was so cheap in the first place .....)
by I P Freely August 24, 2005
1.) cool - invented by Mr. Voigt exart teacher
That's a nimby clay bong you've made Johny!
by wyoh January 12, 2005
Not in my Back Yard. Individuals who express their ideas freely, and aren't in a clique. Us nimby, aren't angsty, or preppy or poser. No, we live life in pure harmony, with no worries. Us nimby speak our mind, and enjoy company with real friends. We are not shallow.
From this day forward, we shall be known as NIMBY, not in my back yard. Because no one wants us in their back yard.
-my friend leah
#unique #care free #energetic #individual #insane
by oslapedo February 21, 2006
awesome or really cool.
oh man, that's nimby!
#awesome #random #cool #nimby #lame
by jrdnfc June 18, 2008
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