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Acronym for Never In Doubt.
Used on sports forums, after an expected win.
It was a trashing, NID.
by malimeda April 15, 2010
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North Indian Dumbo/Dud.. Refers to north indians(esp girls) who are known for being dumb.
'God that Payal is such a NID'
by bumba February 13, 2012
Not into details (acronym).
The organisation for the company's AGM was going well except for two things - date and venue. We all blamed Bob as he was n.i.d. (not into details).
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 18, 2006
An acronym for NiGHTS into Dreams, one of the greatest games on and the SEGA Saturn and one of the greatest games of all time.
If you're going to get a Saturn, you're going to need to get NiD.
by TrueNiGHTSFan August 30, 2008
NID is an acronym for Nigger In Disguise.

A NID is typcally a person of black ancestory posing as another race - for example, a caucasian.
Hey, check out that white guy...

That guy ain't white, he's a NID
by h0dgy March 18, 2008
When a person with crabs,pubic hair comes in contact with a persons actual head hair (this person must have nits) after these crabs and nits mate this produces nids.

Basically you have aids in your hair.
Harry has been poking sally and stops to scratch his head making the crabs off sallys pubic hair touch the hair on his head, outcome :

ewww man you have nids !
by Frankythethirdalienrapist July 03, 2009
1. Short for an NTID Student
2. See above
3. Often found in Ritchie's, playing pool with hadjis
Ca' I p'ay som' poo'? Beeeeyooo!
by toby mcjangleson November 11, 2003

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