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A sexual act involving coating your penis in baking soda, then proceeding to fill your sexual partner's vagina with vinegar. You then fuck them, and cause a reaction to explode out of the vagina like a volcanic eruption. Then, you take a vacuum and quickly suck out the leftover liquid. After this, you engage in a Tony Danza. Good luck with your relationship after this

Originated by two crazy youngins in Kentucky. It is rumored that one had a hand in creating the Boner Howitzer.
Guy 1: "Dude I totally gave your sister the old Dry Eruption last night. She flipped shit!"

Guy 2: "WTF dude, that's extremely fucked up! I have to use that vacuum!"
by Bhowitz September 12, 2009
This is the term used when there is a Nigger in trouble. Commonly used in Gears of War 2, when playing as Cole "THA TRAIN"
Guy 1: "NID! NID!"
Guy 2: "Nigga, I got you!"
Guy 1: "Damn right you do, I'm tha train!"
Guy 2: "Let's roll out... *woof*"
by Bhowitz September 12, 2009

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