The best ever video game machine which was made by Nintendo.
It had such great games as Super Mario Bros,Mega Man,Zelda amd many more.
Buy one today.
Wade: You still play NES, your a one Poorbie.

Alexander: You Idiot,I have enough money to but a PS2,X Box and Game Cube all in the same day, its just I like good games that's all.
by NES HERO November 11, 2004
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Nintendo Entertainment System. i.e., the classic gaming console with 8-bit graphics and monoaural sound. A reminder of the days when games were not all the same and were about all original fun rather than capitalizing on young people with expendible income. Decades of nasties mandate most NES systems to receive several puffs of air prior to functioning.
Nintendo should bring back the old NES. Who wouldn't want one?
by me December 12, 2003
Abbreviation for Nintendo Entertainment System. Can only apply to the original Nintendo.
The first Final Fantasy was released on the NES.
by ECHOSIDE February 22, 2003
Nintendo Entertainment System
The NES is still awesome after all these years
by Justin H. April 12, 2005
The greatest game system with the greatest games ever like Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, And Mega Man 3. To reach a higher level of nes heaven, get the top-loading system with the dogbone controller. Nirvana!!!
Jim: holy crap!!! I got a nes!
Bob: You fag! I got an X-Box! And Halo!!
Jim: Megaman, kill master chief!
Bob: No!!! I had sex with him!
Jim: Megaman kicks ass!
by Big Daddy Cane July 13, 2004
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