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1/The official qualification for New Zealand High School students.
2/Alarmingly sub-par. Used by New Zealand's social commentators in a striking display of wit.
1/Dude 1: Hey I just got 4 credits for writing a CV!
Dude 2: You're kidding me! I just worked my butt off to get four credits by communicating perceptive and comprehensive insight into an aspect of the classical world, in a manner which displays flair and/or original thought! No fair!!
2/Guy in newspaper: ...the whole thing is completely ncea...
by Steve_the_Panda April 15, 2007
1/A popular online community, specialising in competitive pokemon battling. Unfortunately ruined by unfortunate elitism kindly supplied by unfortunates.
2/An unfortunate display of such unfortunate elitism kindly supplied by said unfortunates.
1/Dude: Hey, Check out the RMT I just posted on Smogon. Provided I haven't been permanently banned for using an Arcanine...
2/Dude: Woah, no need to go all Smogon all of a sudden...
by Steve_the_Panda April 15, 2007
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