short for "Nothing But Trouble", used in a situation thats obviously not a good idea.
Bro, getting a rim job from that prost-a-tot is NBT.
by Chris "KMoney" Mason November 06, 2007
Top Definition
Najera's Big Tits
I'd like to grab on NBT.

"would you like anything?" "yes, NBT please"
by ALBD December 12, 2012
Shorthand for "Nothing But Time" or What you say when one person is freaking out about there not being enough time to accomplish a task but the other person is confident that no matter the pressure or limited amount of time, it can be accomplished.
person 1: It's 10 minutes till 6pm and we're 5 miles away are we going to get there in time?

person 2: Dude, we've got NBT!
by Mr. Knowsitall February 23, 2009
Niggers Be Tripping
What's up!!! I just crushed some pussy that was Chigida'd (See Chigida)

by Dre money March 30, 2016
Abbreviations for the following:

1. Nigga Be Trippin
2. Nothing But Trouble
3. Nothing But Titties
4. Nothing But Twats
1. (At a club in Thailand)
A: Damn cuh, I am horny, I'm gonna try to get some from that hoe.
B: NBT!!! That's a dude. (Nigga Be Trippin)

2. If person A in example 1 didn't believe person B and took the hoe from the club back to his hotel room that would be NBT. (Nothing But Trouble)

3. A: I would love to smash my face in between her jugs.
B: I want to stick my cock in between them.
A: Ah, NBT.(Nothing But Titties)

4. A: My dick has been erect since we've been in this gentlemen's club.
B: Right on, NBT!!! (Nothing But Twats)
by NBT February 05, 2009
NBT, or next best thing, refers to a resort to coffee, sugar or some less-satisfying form of sensory indulgence when circumstances prohibit sexual gratification.
Although sexually ravenous, as a result of hours of secretive fooling around, L and M realised that there would be no opportunity for sex.

L (rolling over): God damn, this is so frustrating!

M: I know. I'm soo randy!


M: Yeah, let's get coffee.

L and M: Sigh.
by Alf's Dungeon December 11, 2010
Niggas Be Trippin'
He stole my chicken samich, NBT!
by wmcksmith May 24, 2009
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