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Niggas Bein Niggas
"Apple bank got robbed yesterday afternoon by 2 black guys...just some more NBN."
by Edwerd45 March 04, 2009
Nothing But Net. In the same fashion as FTW ( For the Win!)
Driving across country with no GPS: NBN!
by Monicadawnluise August 04, 2009
Nothing but net. In the same fashion as For the Win!
I just ate an entire footlong sub in under 3 minutes. NBN!
by DOMPAPSCHMEAR August 04, 2009
Shorthand for No Beers Necessary. Used to describe a person so attractive that one wouldn't require a drink to inspire or prepare for denting headboards with them. Can be spoken as 'nibben'.
Guy 1: "Did you see the body on that chick? She's totally NBN!"
Guy 2: "Ummm... dude... she's got three eyes and one eyebrow. Ease up on the Jaeger! Nice rack, though."
by The Evil Steve July 28, 2005
No Bucket Needed - When you are notorius for showing gross out pics in a chat room with people in a nsfw environment. Show nbn so they dont spew on their keyboards or so they can prepare the barf bag.
Hey check out these pics.....nbn
by Fireball77 December 05, 2003
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