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Stands for: 'no boyment intended'

Please refer to boyed, boid or boyment, for further details.

Traditionally used online (e.g. msn/facebook and etc) in order to claim that the statement before or after is not intended to boy(par or take the mick out of them). Similar in use to the phrase, 'i don't mean to par'. May also be used sarcastically.
example 1: 'About swaggerous don, you wear the same crepes wiv 8 different laces.....no boyment intended'

example 2: 'nbi, but you are cramping my style'

example 3: 'no boiment intended, but you are slipping in that photo'
by T.ams June 10, 2010
Nothing But Initials - used mainly in programming related slideshows
A: Dude, do you know what is NBI?
B: No, what?
A: Nothing But Initials, man!
by bittrulz January 09, 2012