Natural Born Hustler, a guy who has the ability to sell by any means necessary.

You give him something of low value he will come back with more money than a mofo.
See that boy there selling Condoms to that monk?

That’s straight up NBH son!
by D4KU_B June 22, 2012
The stupidest highschool in Texas, with the gayest mascot (the unicorn).
oh man NBHS totally kicked Canyon's ass last night.
by Amy Bynum December 21, 2004
A word and/or abbreviation for the phrase Nigga Bitch Hoe .
Yo watupp nbh..
Yo nbh wanna go lift?
by bera May 24, 2005
Native BrotherHood

An Native American Clan/Gang Mainly on Indian reservation, such as in Oklahoma. Gang color is Purple.
You a part of the NBH since you live in Oklahoma?
by QTFD_Resuce March 29, 2011

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