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Word stems from the company Nitrous Oxide Systems, or NOS. For some reason ricers call all nitrous oxide systems NOS, even though it's the company name. They didn't create nitrous oxide, "they simply perfected its use and elevated to a position of prominence." Nitrous oxide is written as N2O.
Shut up, you stupid ricer.
by MoonKnight December 01, 2002
A Ricer term referring to Nitrous Oxide, a gas used to increase horsepower in cars. See "The Fast and The Furious"
"You're lucky that hundred shot of NAWWWWZZZZZ! didn't blow the welds on your intake!"
by Scoots November 19, 2002
When you disagree with something and you feel like letting everyone know. Often matched with Hell.
Hell Nawwwwzzzzz, that aint right boy!


Nawwwwzzzzz, girl, those are your panties. Hellz nawwwwzzzzz, I wouldn't cheat on you.

(double whammy example)
by UCidiot April 20, 2003
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