Despite what Americans will tell you, it pales in comparison to Formula 1.

They will try to say that Nascar is better because it has more races, but if they bothered to think first they'd realise that F1 is a World Championship, meaning lots of travel that takes up time. Nascar is confined to America and they don't have to travel far to get to the next race.

Nascar is also very unpopular outside America, someone here said it's getting popular all over the world including Ireland which is a complete lie. It's not shown on any TV channels in Ireland, it gets absolutely NO media coverage and is widely regarded as the laughing stalk of motorsport outside of USA.

They'll also say things like "I'd like to see you drive one at 300kph!". Well F1 cars can go over 370kph on road courses despite over 10 tonnes of total aerodynamic and mechanical downforce, and if you've seen the Monaco GP you'd know how skilled the drivers are to race at over 300kph with metal barriers right next to the track.

If they put F1 cars on an oval they'd be around the 400kph mark. In testing at airstrips they have been over 500kph before, the sorts of speeds top-fuel dragsters do and yet F1 cars have normally aspirated engines, no super or turbochargers, no ABS, no launch control, massive restrictions on aerodynamics and tyres and so on.

F1 is also the richest and most watched sport in the world, the teams spend a combined total of over $2.5 billion per year developing the cars and still make a profit from the sport. It's also watched on TV by an average of 2.5 billion people per race.

They'll also say that races are won at the start and there's no passing, which is total BS. People who say this are just proving how little they know about F1 because there's passing at every race, including the Monaco GP.

So all these idiots who think Nascar is the best are in denial, F1 is ahead in every area.
Rough costs of F1 teams combined (in American dollars):

Wind Tunnel Operation (wind tunnels run 24 hours a day, they never stop developing the aero of the cars): $70,210,000
Car Manufacturing costs: $20,110,000
Research & Development: $175,680,000
Operating cars at tests: $359,680,000
Team Salaries: $313,640,000
Engine budgets: $1,087,500,000
Driver Salaries: $141,100,000
Travel and Accomodation: $82,880,000
Corporate entertaining: $54,150,000
Operating cars at races: $232,060,000
Final cost: $2,537,010,000
Remember, they still make a profit, that's how popular F1 is around the world. Nascar sucks.
by i speak the truth. ­ June 27, 2009
the easiest sport to follow while drunk...... all you have to do is watch all the cars to left turn after left turn after left turn.
"Dude im sooo drunk. i cant do anything right now..."sure you can lets go watch some rednecks play lets all make as many left turns was we can.... or nascar for short!"
by bnrs-r-us03 August 14, 2009
An excuse to drink beer], with races usually boring and long in length, gratified only by the cataclysmic crashes observed by inebreiated white people].

Simplified to turning left over and over again, it is the most retarded] type of racing.

NASCAR also has an innumberable amount of official sponsors, from Dominos] to Best Western].
Bob: "Hey, it's been 342 laps, don't you think this NASCAR race has gotten a bit repetitive?"

Jim: "Hell no! My moneh sez #4 is gonna crash and burn!"
by Coqui November 10, 2005
The phrase "Nice Car" stated in a redneck accent.
Normal White American Citizen (Pointing to a brand new BMW): Wow! That's a nice car you've got there!

Redneck (Pointing to an old rusty pickup truck): Nope. That right there is a purty nascar.
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011
Nascar is one of the more pointless sports in america. The least they could do is turn right and left, instead of just left ( yes, i know there road courses they race on, but leave that to the real pros of F1 and Le Mans) people in America complain about the loss of natural resources, when a good lot of fuel is consumed every nascar race day by the drivers, as well as the beer bellied fans. Those who enjoy nascar are slow to realize that american cars and engines are the worste in the world. F1 has no Ford.. or Dodge.. or Chevrolet. They have BMW, Ferrari, and BAR Honda... all of which are much more highly respected than there american counterparts.
the engineers of F1 were let loose to design the fastest car imaginable.( while still being able to turn) they came out of the draft room with a car that could go nearly 300 MPH, and stick to the ceilings with so much downforce.
Nascar sucks all around compared to Formula 1
by Brian October 12, 2004
Seemingly monotonous event where overpaid grease-monkeys drive around in shotty cars endorsed by various fast-food places and penis pills. Perhaps a cry of help originating from Lower Appalachia in a region known as Wal-Mart and Piggly-Wiggly Land. Note the resemblance of NASCAR to FASTCAR; perhaps a redneck auditory mishap. People who watch NASCAR are usually the same people who drive around in 1500 dollar cars, listen to Garth Brooks, and condemn people who have half an ounce of class.
The only thing to break the monotony of that thurr NASCAR race was that gnarly crash that killed Dale Earnheart Sr! Perfect 10, 10, 10, and ooh, a 9.5 from the Russians; truly an atheletic event to bear witness to.
by Pimpmaster5000 June 11, 2004
A very popular motorsport in the U.S.A,but it doesn't hold a candle to motocross or Off-roading(Dune buggys,trohpy trucks,ATVs etc.). At least it's more entertaining then watching people play poker on t.v, talk about boring.
T.V. announcer: The Nascar Nextel Cup series @ 6 only on Fox sports.

Me: No thank you i'd rather watch the Baja 1000 on the speed channel.
by O Terror volto July 10, 2008

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