An excuse to drink beer], with races usually boring and long in length, gratified only by the cataclysmic crashes observed by inebreiated white people].

Simplified to turning left over and over again, it is the most retarded] type of racing.

NASCAR also has an innumberable amount of official sponsors, from Dominos] to Best Western].
Bob: "Hey, it's been 342 laps, don't you think this NASCAR race has gotten a bit repetitive?"

Jim: "Hell no! My moneh sez #4 is gonna crash and burn!"
by Coqui November 10, 2005
the dumbest thing in the world, its a sport that attracts white trash.
Oh, im gonna go to the nascar race tonight.
ummmmm...can you say REDNECK!?!?
by Abby Automatic May 14, 2007
a so called "sport" (its really not) that involves a bunch of shiny fiberglass cars going around in circles. the sport generally attracts chunky hicks and rednecks no matter how you try to warp it. People of low IQ make up for it in their knowledge of NASCAR.
Billy Bob:"Man i sho do love all them shiny cars goin 'round that there track ya'll"

Sam:"I love NASCAR more than i love bisquits and gravy"
by ness13 September 02, 2004
The phrase "Nice Car" stated in a redneck accent.
Normal White American Citizen (Pointing to a brand new BMW): Wow! That's a nice car you've got there!

Redneck (Pointing to an old rusty pickup truck): Nope. That right there is a purty nascar.
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011
A 2 man kegstand in which the gentleman drinking the alcohol props his legs on the shoulders of the tap holder. The holder then must jack off the drinker in an attempt to cause him to ejaculate before he comepletes the kegstand.
I couldn't believe it...Dan NASCAR'd Tony in under 20 seconds. He barely had a chance to drink!!!
by mak-dad January 22, 2011
a so-called sport whose fans represent the millions of americans that voted for george bush a second time; drunk morons that either drive in circles or watch other drunk morons drive in circles
nascar has the largest fan base of any "sport" in america- america has a lot of drunk morons
by jsgiiii July 13, 2008
Automobile racing of the southern United States and Bible Belt that only rednecks like.
I hate NASCAR and prefer Indy Racing instead.
by krock1dk May 11, 2008

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