A bunch of cars go counter-clockwise in a circle seemingly endlessly, except for the 2 or so road courses. The shittiest excuse for racing in existence.
Who the hell would watch NASCAR instead of real racing like F1 or WRC
by pro-nun-see-A-shun June 19, 2003
A 2 man kegstand in which the gentleman drinking the alcohol props his legs on the shoulders of the tap holder. The holder then must jack off the drinker in an attempt to cause him to ejaculate before he comepletes the kegstand.
I couldn't believe it...Dan NASCAR'd Tony in under 20 seconds. He barely had a chance to drink!!!
by mak-dad January 22, 2011
the dumbest thing in the world, its a sport that attracts white trash.
Oh, im gonna go to the nascar race tonight.
ummmmm...can you say REDNECK!?!?
by Abby Automatic May 14, 2007
It's not a sport, because it does not take athletic ability, and it is not a game because it is not fun to watch or play, it is RACING, The most boring thing on earth. You drive 500 times around a track and people actually watch it on TV? Or to actually go to one of these NASCAR matches in the blazing heat? WTF is wrong with these NASCAR fans anyway? They are either VERY easily amused or just stupid.
nascar is the best sport ever!!!!! OMG, they dfrive around all de time and sometime dey get in accidentz!!!!! OHHH, look at da prettie colooorz and de fire!!! Ohhhhhh, fire.... so nice!!!
by Spikesy July 20, 2006
N - Non
A - Athletic
S - Sport
C - Created
A - Around
R - RedNecks
There is a NASCAR event going on in town
by RedNeck Hater April 20, 2004
a bunch of rednecks runing in circles
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
The phrase "Nice Car" stated in a redneck accent.
Normal White American Citizen (Pointing to a brand new BMW): Wow! That's a nice car you've got there!

Redneck (Pointing to an old rusty pickup truck): Nope. That right there is a purty nascar.
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011

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