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NASCAR is a sport in which takes real talent, you can't just go out on the track and win a race, it takes years and years of driving experience to master a stock car. Driving in a car about 115+ Degrees with very little air conditioning at 170 MPH plus the need of full concentration is very very hard to do. Some people assume that it takes no talent, that it is not athletic, and that you can win on your first try, which is absolute bull. Again, it takes real talent to drive a stock car. That is athletic. If you think that NASCAR drivers aren't athletes, you try driving at 170 MPH for 200 laps yourself.
You people must think you're smart, hardcore and rebellious for being against NASCAR. Whats the matter with you people? What about Baseball why is that considered a "sport" thats just hitting a ball and running around. Wow, so exceiting. NASCAR has action all the time with the drivers rubbing fenders, and the crashes. In Baseball you have to wait 5 minutes to see action. NASCAR should be considered a sport before Baseball.

And I'm sick of people Assuming that just because someone's a NASCAR fan, that they must be a redneck. Most Hicks don't even watch NASCAR or have even heard of it, thats a bullshit crappy ass stereotype, grow the fuck up.
by PantherNCStateFan April 22, 2006
A wannabe emo band...there's nothing good about them...at all. The lead singer (Gerard) looks like a dug up corpse, And his brother Mikey looks suspiciously nothing like him. In My Opinion, they are the worst band since Starship. The people who listen to them are all little cocky trendwhore faggots, you cannot talk to an MCR fan without them managing to piss you off. Get up off your asses and find new things instead of what the bullshit media hands to you.

The people on this site have awfully bad tastes in music.
Saying My Chemical Romance are Rock is a slap in the face to real Rock bands such as Dream Theater, Jethro Tull, Alice In Chains, Rush, and Pink Floyd. You people are pathetic. Get a life...
by PantherNCStateFan April 22, 2006

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